Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT - Sibling Groups - San Mateo, CA
Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT - Support For Families, Individuals, and Children
Lic. No. LMFT 53035
Sibling Groups 

Sibling groups are a unique place where children and teens living with a brother or sister with special needs can have their emotional needs addressed, learn skills to better relate to their sibling, and understand their frustrations are normal.

Sibling Support Group
This is a confidential support group for siblings  with a brother/sister having special needs, grouped by age.  Participants are able to gain support and understanding from other siblings who may share similar experiences and emotions.  Themes vary by week but are tailored to the needs of participants.

None Currently Scheduled


Skill-Building for Siblings
This is a group for sibling focusing on skill-building in areas of: 
communication, emotional vocabulary, identifying needs, and coping strategies.  Similar ages grouped together.

Parents are involved throughout; first, by meeting for a comprehensive initial assessment, second, by reviewing the weekly take-home skills and suggested activities provided in handouts and practicing over the week. Finally, the closing parent consultation will summarize learning and address any remaining needs.

None Currently Scheduled

Contact Adrienne at 650-743-4180 for more information or to enroll your child.
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