Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT - Child Therapy - San Mateo, CA
Lic. No. LMFT 53035
Child Therapy
Is your child:

  • Withdrawn?
  • Angry and raging?
  • Having difficulties in school?
  • Irritable?
  • Having unexplained physical pains?
  • Acting out?
  • Fighting with peers or siblings?

These symptoms can be an outgrowth of anxiety, depression, or another issue. I can help.
Ways I work with a child include:
  • Play Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Kimochis
  • Playlistening

I work closely with your family on identifying desired goals for your child and outline methods by which these goals can be met.   When a child is eager for change and willing to work together, therapy can be very productive.  On the occasions a child is hesitant about therapy, additional sessions may be helpful initially to forge a trust.  Alternatively, I can work with parents to bring about change.

Based on your child's age and developmental level, I will use either predominantly play therapy or talk therapy or a combination of both.

What is Play Therapy?

Various forms of play (art, play-dough, games, puppets, figurines, and more) are used to teach skills, increase emotional awareness, uncover insights, and work toward goals.  

Throughout therapy, the involvement and active support of parents in the treatment process is crucial.

What is Playlistening?

Playlistening is a powerful intervention that comes from a Parenting by Connection framework and developed further by Hand in Hand Parenting using imaginative play with action figures, dolls, or toys to target challenge areas and thereby reducing symptoms.

What are Kimochis?

Kimochis are toys I use to help young children understand feelings, begin to relate feelings to their causes,  learn appropriate coping strategies, and work toward communicating their emotions.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an approach to change which targets symptoms using a variety of specialized techniques. It relies on the premise that the way we think directly impacts the way we feel such that changing our thoughts is vital improvement.

“Play is a child’s work.” 
–Jean Piaget (Swiss developmental psychologist)

Please call with any questions and to set your appointment.
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