Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT - Approach - San Mateo, CA
Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT - Support For Families, Individuals, and Children
Lic. No. LMFT 53035
My Approach

When working with families, couples, individuals, and children, I feel that the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for a positive therapeutic experience.  I want to forge a connection that will create an environment for deep and productive work to be done.  

When working with families around Special Needs issues, I use my vast experience with  IEPs, Special Education classrooms, Regional Center services, and local resources alongside my therapeutic skills to offer a truly specialized approach.

I work to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for the exploration of your needs, and the steps to achieve your goals.

I am grounded in a strength-based approach and am eclectic in the interventions I utilize with each client, meaning that I aim to find the right fit for you and your goals.  I possess a Humanistic and Solution-Focused outlook which helps me see each client as a valuable being, capable of making changes that result in growth, with the right support and guidance. 
When working with parents and families I use a Parenting by Connection approach as a foundation which to view parent-child relationship needs and the behaviors of the child.

The First Sessions:
Following your free  15-minute consultation, an appointment will be set to begin the process of getting to know you as a person and begin to understand the complexities of what has brought you to therapy at this time.

If appropriate, a home-visit may be scheduled so I may see your family interact in a comfortable environment.  This home-visit can be particularly helpful in giving me a snapshot of what the practical challenges of daily life consist of and also to more quickly develop trusting therapeutic relationship with your child/children.


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